South Africa & Botswana – April 2015

With researchers, explorers and authors Michael Tellinger & Dean Liprini

Michael Tellinger and Dean LipriniUnderstanding the Interconnectedness of All Things. As We Heal Ourselves We Heal Our Earth

DATE: April15th – April 31st 2015

COST: $4300. (USD)

16 nights and 17 days, including accommodation and meals (except where stated). Also includes transport, portage, game lodge and game drive as well as two internal transfer flights. Excludes International flights to and from South Africa.

A 17 day experience that will transform the way you perceive yourself and the world around you. Time will be spent interacting and connecting to the nature and spirit of the ancient megalithic Sacred Sites of southern Africa and the energies, wisdom and memories they hold. Along the journey Michael will share his passion for Ubuntu contributionism, we will have authentic meetings and interactions with the indigenous “First People” and their healers, taking time for meditation, ceremonies and seeding of intentions for oneself, the planet and humanity. All this will be done with a lightness of heart as we co-create a fun-filled journey that will be the adventure of a life time, where we re-discover and remember the inner and outer landscapes that surround and enshrine us. Our journey will take us from the Kruger National park to the Bushmen of Botswana and the sacred hills of Tsodillo; up the East coast on the famous Garden Route, and to the wine lands of Stellenbosch and Franschoek. Then finally to Cape Town, the Mother City, and Table Mountain at the south western tip of Africa, a journey into the antiquity of the human spirit. Come and enjoy!

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DEAN LIPRINI is a Sacred Sites researcher and geomancer who grew up on the Lower Slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. He is the founder and CEO of the Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa. He has more than 23 years full time experience in this field and has authored a book entitled “Pathways of the Sun – Unveiling the Mysteries of Table Mountain and Beyond”, published 2006. He recently compiled and and released a DVD called “Pathways of the Sun – an Awakening” Being a pioneer of archaeo-astronomy in South Africa, Dean has managed to weave together the many layers of ancient history uncovered by his research and findings – physical, emotional and spiritual – by adding his deep insight and knowledge of the metaphysical healing properties that surround and enshrine these sacred places. He masterfully co-creates each journey and experience by carefully discerning the particular needs of various spiritual groups and individuals Dean’s Book “Pathways of the Sun – Unveiling the Mysteries of Table Mountain and beyond” is available from Amazon and on Kindle. See also


Michael TellingerMICHAEL TELLINGER is a scientist, explorer and internationally acclaimed author of numerous books who has become an authority on the vanished civilisations of southern Africa, and the origins of humankind. His research and discoveries of an advanced vanished civilisation in South Africa includes a diverse field of research and touches on human origins, spirituality, science and consciousness. Long before the Egyptians saw the light of day, an advanced civilisation of humans lived in southern Africa and were involved in mining gold. These were also the people who carved the first Horus bird, the first Sphinx, built the first Pyramids and built an accurate stone calendar right in the heart of it all. Adam’s Calendar is the flagship among millions of circular stone ruins, ancient roads, agricultural terraces and thousands of ancient mines, left behind by the Anunnaki and a vanished civilisation which we now call the FIRST PEOPLE. Michael is also the founder of the Ubuntu Party and movement in Soiuth Africa and author of “Ubuntu Contributionism” and has inspired and helped formulate the concept of Ubuntu in over 20 countries world wide. See also

Arrive South Africa – April 14th 2015

Fly Direct to: Nelspruit Airport/Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (IATA: MQP), arrival 14th April 2015 ready for tour start on the 15th April. Depart from Cape Town CPT International Airport April 31st


On arrival in South Africa we head straight for Nelspruit and the Kruger National Park…..THE JOURNEY BEGINS!!

 April 14th

Shuttle to hotel, relax and spend the day at your leisure.

15th April

kruger elephant KRUGER NATIONAL PARKsafari bus  .

In the morning your guides Michael and Dean will welcome you on the journey and we will have time to meet our fellow adventurers. We then head off on an unforgettable overnight excursion into the wild, “Big 5” famous Kruger National Park game reserve. We will travel from Crocodile Bridge to Lower Sabie and the Main Rest Camp or Berg-en-Dal Rest Camp. We will enjoy our own morning game viewing drive around this exquisite park and later in the afternoon and into the evening we will join a professional guide and enjoy sun downers in the African Bushveld. An optional early morning game the following day (16th April) is also available at own cost.

 April 16th


After a morning drive through the Kruger Park experiencing Africa’s amazing wildlife, we travel on to Adams Calendar in Kaapsche Hoop for an afternoon at one of the earliest stone calendar sites in the world. We will spend the rest of the day amongst these ancient monoliths and imbibe the great wonder and beauty that enshrines this incredible site. Michael will share his insights and research of the area over the past 6 years and Dean will add his own regarding the landscape and energies of this mysterious calendar site. As the sun sets we will experience the workings of these magical stones. If time allows we will stop and interact with the wild horses of Kaapsche Hoop. What stories will they have to tell us? We overnight near Waterval Boven.


 April 17th


The next morning, bright and early, we meet up with Michael for a guided walk through some of the many strange stone circle anomalies that cover the entire landscape (more than 200 square kilometers). Each has a unique shape and none have doors or entrances. We will explore why, how and by whom these structures were built.

After lunch at Michael’s restaurant and a quick visit to the Stone Circle Museum, we head to Johannesburg to overnight at the incredible 4 star Misty Hills Hotel. This charming stone-built complex, which was originally a Hindu monastery, has been tastefully converted into a stunning hotel that embodies the ethos of Africa. Enjoy the late afternoon at your leisure in this beautiful space, followed by a unique dinner experience.


April 17th 


Botswana here we come! An unforgettable 6 – day overland journey to Tsodilo Hills and the Serpent Cave, the earliest yet archaeologically recorded ceremonial site in the world!

This will be a fully catered camping journey, starting with our first overnight in Ghanzie. Here we will meet Andrea Hardbattle, and his clan of free – living San Bushman.




April 18th


The day will be spent meeting and sharing with the community, learning tracking skills and making ostrich egg shell bead necklaces. That night, if the spirit is flowing, Twige, a Bushman spiritual medicine man, will perform a healing spirit fire dance for us, a once in a lifetime experience!

April 19th


An overland journey to the sacred Tsodilo Hills.

We arrive in the late afternoon at the base of the great Mother Mountain of Tsodillo where we will set up our camp in the wilderness. Just before sunset we will gather and do a circle dance around an old African Baobab Tree and enjoy a fireside dinner.


April 20th


Tsodilo Hills is a sacred African ceremonial place featuring a 27ft, naturally formed python in the stone. The preeminent Zulu Shaman, Baba Credo Mutwa visited this space as an initiate many years ago where he made offerings of jasper spear heads to the serpent, as many had done before him. In the early morning we will visit the cave with our Bushman guide and will make a fire the original way by rubbing two sticks together, and we will offer prayers and intentions for humanity and Mother Earth. The serpent represents the Milky Way, and being a conduit to the stars, prayers were offered through the serpent to the star gods and goddesses as is the African way. There will be plenty of time for group and alone time, wanderings and meditation. In the evening, a fireside dinner and storytelling.



We explore the amazing Aba Ama Ana (mother father child), the 3 mountains of Tsodilo, and their unique and special energies. Dean will share some of his archaeo-astronomy findings regarding the Gatekeepers and earth energies that surround Tsodillo Hills. In the afternoon we will meet with the local families living on the land surrounding Tsodillo. Craft buying opportunity here!



people georgeWe travel to Maun airport and fly to the town of George which is on the famous Garden Route of the Southern Cape coast. From there we head to Wilderness, a beautiful village on the Touws River, and the Ebb and Flow Nature Reserve and National Park, where we will stay overnight. The Touws River has been a source of life and nurturing to many humans and other creatures over hundreds and thousands of years. In the afternoon we will visit an ancient Mother cave that overlooks the river and do a meditation and circle dance as we reflect on the tides of the balance of Nature and all Life…We remember the songs as we hold ceremony in the cave. Later, a fireside dinner and a restful sleep in wooden chalets at the Ebb and Flow Reserve.



knysnaIn the early morning we drive to the famous Knysna Heads and enjoy breakfast overlooking the ocean and lagoon. Afterwards, a visit to an early Strandloper (Indigenous beach walker) cave for a meditation. Then on to the Robberg Peninsula, a magical and mystical place with painted grave stones, chosen by the ancients for special burial rituals. From here the beautiful Bay of Plettenberg stretches in a huge arc to the East, and ends where the great range of mountains, the Hottentots Holland that we have been following for 700km, finally explodes out into these beautiful waters at Cathedral Rock. This stretch of the Indian Ocean is enriched with a great abundance of life and is the feeding grounds of our watery and playful friends the circle


It is also a breeding sanctuary for the whales. The rest of the day will be spent exploring this magical place as

we swim in the
bay, connect with the dolphins and whales and walk the beautiful beach. What will we experience, what feelings are expressed?

In the evening we will check into our luxury chalet accommodations at Keurbooms Strand that overlook the ocean. Will the dolphins greet us? At sunset, we will meet on the beach for a group meditation.


catherdral rockWe begin our morning with a beach walk to the sacred burial ground of Cathedral Rock, where we will spend the rest of the day enshrined in the energies of this powerful portal. We will share a light picnic lunch and eat food straight out the sea (mussels, oysters, seaweed, etc.) to further ingest the Life Force of this sacred place. We will visit caves with some of the deepest shell middens in the world as we connect with the antiquity of Humanity and the Human Spirit, as well as the animals of land, sea and sky. We connect with each other and share all we have gathered. We perform a special rebirthing and seeding ritual. We sing our song of healing from this powerful portal, our ray of hope for our planet and Humanity. Namaste. We enjoy a beach party and fireside dinner Overnight Keurbooms.


Cape Town here we come! For the early risers, an optional sunrise meditation and swim. Enroute to the Mother City, we pass watchmannear the Blombos Cave, an archaeological site made famous by the discovery of 75,000-year-old pieces of ochre engraved with abstract designs, beads made from Nassarius shells and 80,000 year old bone tools. Some of the earliest evidence for shell fishing and possibly fishing has been discovered at the site and dates to c. 140,000 years ago. We visit one of the sacred caves at Mosselbaai, the so-called Cape St Blaize Cave with its Great Guardian Rock Being overlooking its entrance. What have these Ancient Beings seen, what knowledge and wisdom do they have to share with us….what long forgotten song would they like to hear? We do meditation on our central core energy and will have lunch overlooking the ocean.

We arrive in the Mother City, beautiful Cape Town and check in to our accommodations. We enjoy a sunset dinner at Camps Bay overlooking the beach and ocean – magnificent!

We overnight at the Cape Town Lodge.

big table mountain


ascension fish eyeCape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, a Peninsula enshrined by the two primal oceans – the Atlantic and the Indian. We journey up to the top of Table Mountain, experiencing the energies of the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra of the Cape Peninsula. We visit the sacred Eye of the “Table Mountain Goddess”. What do we see? We join together in a Third Eye meditation in the portal of the Eye of the Table Mountain Goddess






ascension caveIn the Sun Valley lies a Great Mother cave, an ancient sanctuary, burial cave and earth mother womb, where more than 14 skeletons were removed from their resting place. Come and meet the stone guardians overlooking this sacred cave of the ancients. Above is the ‘Cave of Ascension’, believed to be a ritual cave of rebirth and fertility.

Aligned to the Summer solstice, this is one of the Cape’s most sacred caves. We will visit the burial cave and show our love and respect while honoring the ancestors of this sacred place.




blue ascensionWe will then literally ascend to the crystalline Ascension cave, to experience the light energies of this sacred portal. Along the way, Dean will share more ancient knowledge of sacred geometries and healing plants and make a tea from the natural herbs in the area for all to share as we imbibe the energies that enshrine this special place.






base chakraWe awake and after a scrumptious breakfast we travel further down the south western tip of the Peninsula, visiting the Simon’s Town penguins enroute. At the Cape of Good Hope, we place our feet in the ocean at this vortex of sacred waters to experience the powerful energies found here. What do we feel? We are at the south western tip of Africa, the Divine Tuning fork. Will we resonate with this great energy and get in tune? Here at this powerful earth-energy point, at the primal Root Chakra of Africa, we move to the beach to perform a ceremony together, a seeding of intention into the primal womb waters and vortex where the two great Oceans meet. Here we will enjoy a picnic lunch at this beautiful and special place

dolmenAfter our sharing and if time allows, we venture forth for a late afternoon stroll into the nearby African Township with Nuntonsi, our local guide. Here we will experience the feelings and emotions of life in the Township. We meet with everyday people, local musicians and traditional healers. We join together in song and dance.

At sunset we visit the sacred Pyramid All Seeing Eye Rock for a meditation. Now that we have a better understanding of the energy flow and chakra’s of the Cape Peninsula, we start to focus our attention on the solar plexus while we meditate. We overnight at the Cape Town Lodge.




cape of good hope


Hippo rockWe travel one hour outside Cape Town to the historic wine estates between Paarl Mountain, Franschoek and Stellenbosch – the famous South African wine lands. We experience a vortex created by the convergence of two great mountain ranges. We will visit the Sacred Hippo Womb Cave on the great Paarl (Pearl) Rock to pay our respects to the ancients and then venture into the wine lands for a lunch and wine tasting (the Spirit of the Grape!).

Then back to Cape Town to prepare for our final bash at MAMA AFRICA , to celebrate our journey together to the sound of live African music, drumming and marimba. Let’s dance the night away!


28th April

Shuttle to Airport or stay longer to explore more of Cape Town and South Africa.

(Best arrange late evening flight to next destination, to allow for a day of African markets and shopping)



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SOUTH AFRICA & BOTSWANA – APRIL 2015 – With Michael Tellinger & Dean Liprini

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