Hike the Chakras of Table Mountain on the Hoerikwaggo Spiritual tour route

Cape point (root Chakra) to Table Mountain (Crown Chakra) –
Rediscover the Sacred

5 Day Guided slack-pack hike (fully inclusive)

Sacred Journey – to Enliven Body, Mind and Soul.

R 8 500 fully inclusive


Table MountainA 5 Day Guided Sacred Journey (89km), specially designed to Enliven Body, Mind and Soul.
Walking the trail we will have the opportunity to connect and communicate with the sacred landscape, animals and plants that surround us. We will make shamanic tea from the wild flowers to ingest the collective energy of each place, enjoy sleeping out in the Nature, in tented Camps… spending time visiting the sacred Caves and shelters of the ancient San/Bushman and Khoi. Your local spiritually conscious guide will ensure a deep and meaningful experience, leading you safely and consciously along this unique Sacred Soul Journey. Medium fitness level required.

Where requested special ceremonies, sacred plant medicines and meditations can be facilitated.

Your Guides Simon Hill & Dean Liprini

Dean Liprini & Simon HillDates : September: Full booked

2nd – 6th October,

24th – 28th October

8th – 12th November

22nd – 26th November

DAY ONE – Cape Point/Cape of Good Hope

Day oneWe begin our Sacred Journey at the Base Chakra – Diaz Beach. This is the Sacred Root Chakra of the Cape Peninsula – where the Two Great Oceans the warm Indian and cold Atlantic create a powerful convergence point of Yin and Yang. Here we have the opportunity for a beach meditation to connect to our Primal Base Chakra. On to the Cape of Good Hope, along the Western edge of the Peninsula, passing the beautiful white Platboom Beach, on to Anvil Rock and Lean Rock, reaching the Sacred Bonteberg Shelter and the Krom River. We overnight overlooking the beautiful Smitswinkel Baai.

DAY TWO – The Pyramid All Seeing Eye – Sacred Burial Cave – Ascension Cave

Day 2.2We pick up our trail at the Sacral/Sexual energy centre at the Base of Red Hill – what experiences await us at this powerful creative energy centre? We ascend Red Hill to the Sacred Pyramid All Seeing Eye Rock – The Solar Plexus energy centre of the Peninsula. An opportunity to engage with this fire, male energy and how better to get into our power and overcome our fears. We descend across Great Sun Valley across to the Great Mother cave, an ancient sanctuary burial cave and earth mother womb, where more than 14 skeletons were removed from their resting place. We meet the stone guardians overlooking this sacred cave of the ancients. Above is the ‘Cave of Ascension’, the lower heart chakra, believed to be a ritual cave of rebirth and fertility. This is one of the Cape’s most sacred Caves (it is aligned to the Summer solstice). Along the way your guide will share more of the ancient knowledge, sacred geometries and healing plants and energies that enshrine this special place. We overnight in the Silvermine Valley

DAY THREE – Elephants Eye (Upper Heart Chakra) – Sacred Dolmen – Silvermine Waterfall

Day 3After our night in the valley we follow our sacred trail up along the gently flowing female energies of the Silvermine River, then up to the Sacred Dolmen, a Winter solstice marker stone and then down to the magical energies of the Silvermine Waterfall, here we descend to the cool moss covered rocks where the sparkling droplets of falling water cascade around us. Refreshed we Ascend to the Elephants Eye Cave, the Upper heart chakra of the Peninsula, what deeper insights and feelings of compassion and self-love arise from this sacred place? Meditation. Back to our tented camp for a swim in the Silvermine Dam before sharing a magical fireside dinner under the stars.

DAY FOUR – Sacred Grail Stone – The Mountain Gatekeepers – Tsui Goab/Tsui Goam

Day 4.1We awake and begin to traverse around Constantiaberg with awesome views over the entire Houtbay valley and surrounds. We visit the sacred Grail Stone an amazing stone holding incredible sacred geometries of the Equilateral Triangle and unified energy of the divine masculine and feminine.
A place honouring the divine balance at the time of the Equinox. An opportunity to feel our true spiritual core and sacred centre. We greet the mountain guardians as we descend through Vlakkenberg to Constantia Neck – the throat chakra of the Cape Peninsula and into the rich green forest of Orange Kloof, where will we find our voice.

DAY FIVE – Table Mountain Goddess (Third Eye) – City Bowl (Crown Chakra)

Day 5Our last day together we venture up the jeep track from Constantia Neck to Mc Clears Beacon, the highest point of Table Mountain. We explore the Table Top, enjoying the magnificent 360 degree views all around…we head for the third Eye of the Table Mountain Goddess …meditation to activate our third eye…what can we see? We descend Table Mountain via Platteklip Gorge to the lower Table Mountain road. Here we connect with the City bowl and the Crown Chakra, a final meditation, connection to our higher selves. We share a final sunset together overlooking Table Bay and Robben Island, smiles all around as we share the highlights of our magical journey together.

Your guides:

Simon Hill with Dean Liprini: A Sacred Site Researcher and Geomancer, born and raised on the lower slopes of
Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa, gives Dean a very authentic connection to the sacredness of every site.

Dean has more than 23 yrs of full time, hands on experience in his field, has authored a book entitled “Pathways of the Sun – Unveiling the Mysteries of Table Mountain and Beyond” Published 2006 and recently compiled a DVD “Pathways of the Sun – An Awakening.” Dean has unveiled many sacred sites of Southern Africa – which collectively weave together layers of ancient history – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, adding to his deep insight and knowledge of the sacred geometries & metaphysical healing properties, of the inner and outer landscapes that enshrine and connect us to these sacred places.

He masterfully co-creates each journey and experience with and for many spiritual groups and individuals.

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