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Sacred Medicine Ceremonies

If you feel the call to do a Sacred Medicine Ceremony, we will arrange it for you. You can partake in one-night ceremonies or do a full weekend retreat in blissful surroundings. Reconnect with the Divine while journeying into your own deep sub-conscious. These ceremonies are not for the fainthearted and are not done for recreational purposes. This is all about transformation, liberation and the raising of conscious awareness.

Sustainable living workshops

Learn to live a lifestyle that uses significantly less of the Earth’s natural resources. Reduce your carbon footprint while learning how to live in harmony with the planet!

Day hikes and day trips to sacred sites around the Cape Peninsula

Visit magical places where the ancients have left their mark and be guided on how to recognize these megalithic stones, caves and rock shelters. Lead by one of our experienced guides, feel the significance of the history of our peninsula and experience for yourself how these sites are aligned with the natural energy vortices created by the interaction between the earth and sky.

Horse riding on the beach

Spend a day riding on what must surely be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Enjoy incredible sea and mountain views while galloping along the pristine white sands of Noordhoek beach. Feel the wind blowing in your hair and the salt water cleansing your senses.

Yoga Classes and workshops

Still your mind, strengthen and detox your body and feed your soul. Your teacher, Simon Hill, will lead you in the practice of vinyasa style yoga in the Ashtanga tradition, a system of postures connected by the breath. You can do one-off classes or workshops in our beautiful studio.

Meditation workshops

Learn how to quiet your mind and centre your being through the ancient practice of meditation. Discover how to access your inner wisdom by gently silencing the ceaseless chatter of the monkey mind.

Surf Lessons

Experience for yourself the exhilaration of riding the surf with one of our professional surf instructors, the goal being to have you stand up on your own wave and feel the rush of the ocean! Lessons take place at the famous surfers’ spot, Muizenberg beach, offering gently breaking, sand-bottomed waves perfect for beginners! Surfs up!

Surf Trips

Travelling up and down our beautiful coast line, on both the East Coast and West Coast (swell depending). Experience the surf trip of a lifetime and be guided on the best surf spots our beautiful coast has to offer! Surf your heart out all day then unwind at the camp fire with a good old South African Braai (barbeque) and a couple of cold beers. That’s got to be heaven on earth….

Slacklining Workshops

Experience the concept of ‘tight-rope walking’ but just 60cms off of the ground and on a slackline (2” polyester webbing)  tensioned between two trees! You will be lead by an experienced instructor on how to identify the gear, setup, pre-slackline warm up and then practical! An amazing and fun-filled source of exercise that anybody and everybody will benefit from and enjoy! Picnic to be enjoyed in between workshops out in our wonderful Cape Nature spots


We will organise all your meals and accommodation in the most exquisite locations imaginable


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