Connected to nature

We are connected to nature! In the academic world, one has to be extremely brave and passionate to challenge established orthodoxy. Thankfully there are still some scientists around who are not afraid to challenge orthodoxy and I would include people like Rupert SheldrakeNassim Haramein and Greg Braden in that category. I have also just discovered Dr. Alexander Unzicker, a man who is not afraid to challenge the current orthodoxy in particle physics. He calls the discovery of the so-called Higgs Boson (or God particle) a hoax!

I think the main problem with today’s orthodox approach to physics is the refusal to accept the critical role that consciousness plays in the “holding together” of reality as we experience it. The famous Double Slit experiment showed us that matter is spread out in time-space as a “probability wave” and it is only when consciousness (i.e. an observer) interacts with it that it collapses into a particle. Pure energy manifesting into form, expressing itself through form and then becoming pure energy again.

We are Connected to nature

We co-create our reality moment by moment without being truly aware of what we are doing. Somehow this earth shattering discovery has not yet permeated into mainstream thought, and for the most part, the human race is stuck in the material “matter-before-mind” paradigm. But hopefully, this is all about to change as we become more aware of our true nature.

Which is why the work of Dean Liprini and Michael Tellinger in the field of archeo-astronomy is so important: through interacting with these ancient stone monoliths (as our ancestors once did) we are reminded where we come from, and how important our connection to Nature is. We are reminded that we are connected to the cycles of the sun, moon and stars. We are reminded of our connection to Spirit. We are connected to nature!

connected to nature

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