We at Soul Tours are dedicated to providing authentic, life-changing experiences to those who are interested in exploring beautiful places imbued with spiritual significance, as well as connecting with kindred souls along the way.

Meet the team:

Dean Liprini

DeanDean is a Sacred Site Researcher and Geomancer, who grew up and was born on the Lower Slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town South Africa.

He has more than 20yrs full time, hands on experience in this field, has authored a book entitled “Pathways of the Sun – Unveiling the Mysteries of Table Mountain and Beyond” Published 2006 and recently compiled a DVD “Pathways of the Sun – An Awakening”
Dean is one of the first to unveil many of the Sacred Sites of South Africa – which collectively weave together many layers of Ancient History – Physical, Emotional and Spiritual, also adding his deep insight and knowledge of the Metaphysical Healing Properties that surround and enshrine these Sacred Places. He personally co-creates each journey and experience with and for various Spiritual groups and individuals


simon hillSimon began his working career as a quantity surveyor, then, at the age of 29, was one of the founding partners of a recycling and manufacturing company which he was in involved with for 18 years. Deciding that a change of direction would be a good thing, he embarked on various projects including some property speculation, and building a home for his family in Noordhoek, Cape Town, possibly one of the most beautiful valleys on this fair planet. Noordhoek is one of those amazing places where grown-up hippies, yogis and surfers go set up home and procreate. Being all of those things – an experienced surfer, qualified yoga teacher and aspiring hippie (and also a procreator of three beautiful sons!), Simon feels he has died and gone to heaven. Being surrounded by the beautiful mountains and valleys of the Table Mountain range, Simon and his family often hike the breathtaking trails surrounding their home and have developed a deep love and connection with this unique environment which is abundant with plants, insects and animals as well as waterfalls and streams. He is passionate about sharing his experience of these mountains, and the places he has discovered over many years.


isahquaBorn in Simonstown, Ishsaqua has always lived near the sea and comes from a long line of fishermen. After graduating High School he studied to be a field ranger and then worked for National Parks, thereafter going on to complete a National Certificate through the Nature College to become a specialised Nature Guide. After working for over twenty years for the National Parks Board, he moved on to work for AfriOceans Conservation Alliance as an Environmental Educator, being appointed as a senior educator working with various schools. He has also recently completed a course in carbon footprint analysis covering greenhouse gas protocols.

He is currently learning the Khoekhoegowab Khoisan language which forms part of his ancestral heritage. He often travels to various Khoisan towns and villages in the Karoo and Khalahari to meet with chiefs and local headman and head women. He once shared a podium with our president, honouring our traditional ancestors. His passion is to showcase to the nation, and to the world, the uniqueness of the Khoisan people and to create awareness around the need to preserve their culture and way of life. He believes that Nature is everyone’s concern and that we must all unite to save our environment both physically and spiritually.

Conway Lotter

conway lotterIn my early career as a film location scout and documentary Producer I have had the privilege to experience the incredibly diverse beauty across Southern Africa . I was introduced to the Sacred Sites of Southern Africa in 2011 by reading Dean Liprini’s “Pathways of the Sun – understanding the mysteries of Table Mountain & beyond”. He is based in Cape Town, South Africa and for over 20 years has been an independent Archeo Astronomer / Researcher of these Sunpath Sacred Sites. It was a fascinating insight into the ancient wisdoms and heritage of this beautiful landscape which truly resonated with me. I began joining Dean on his walks and have been attending and assisting where I can ever since.

I am one of the founding members of the Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa (registered in South Africa as a Not for Profit Organisation Reg:100-727-NPO) . There is a growing interest in, and understanding of the need to preserve and share South Africa’s heritage and multi-cultural legacy. Africa’s vast indigenous knowledge systems continue to receive recognition and many archaeological discoveries have focused attention on the ancient history of Southern Africa. We are forming community links with the Khoi and San heritage groups around Cape Town & South Africa, these cultural links are important to the global family. Our research, mapping & community custodianship projects will be an important part of the preservation of these Sacred Sites.

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